Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Before a home renovation project, there are things that should be considered first in order to avoid costly mistakes. If you decide that this would be too difficult for you, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. We recommend Bhutta Renovation service.

Selecting Cheap Materials:

porter-002-1-300x224There are homeowners who are looking into saving up some cash during the renovation process and end up using substandard materials because they cost less.

However, this could turn out to be costly in the end especially when it comes to home renovation.

Cheap materials have a tendency of getting damaged easily; it would be best to wait until proper finances are ready rather than be sorry.


Creating a small Bathroom:

images (3)One of the most important features inside a house is the bathroom.

A small bathroom is inconvenient, and does nothing to improve the worth of the house.

If the space for the bathroom is really small, then that is the time to maximize the space. It would be best to purchase low profile toilets as well as narrower sinks.

It is best to avoid full size fixtures most especially if the space is tiny in order to avoid a cramped feel when inside the space.


Not selecting the lighting well:

05-mosby-lighting-designThe lighting inside the home can set the tone of the entire house. The lighting design can have a direct impact on the colors of the home and how the people inside are going to feel about it. It has to be carefully planned; the lighting can have a direct impact on the mood of the house.

In order to have a good design for the lights, homeowners need to know the difference between general lighting, task lighting, as well as accent lighting. A combination of all the elements is needed in order to produce a well lit area.


Getting swayed by trends:

7b3e7a177fb27bcd10c858706f8c77abIt will be a costly mistake, to make home redesigns to fit trendy designs, or just to get the coolest items as of the moment.

Getting classy items and well thought out items should be favored, rather than following trends, this is due to the fact that certain trends in home styling might not survive the test of time. They could end up doing another renovation again if they are not careful with the basic elements and design for their home.



Not making use of environment friendly items:

6a01156f662766970c0128760423fe970c-800wiGreen materials are cost efficient, they are safe to use, and they also reduce environment related problems.

Green materials can withstand the test of time, and they are good as part of future investments, in the future more and more people will understand the value of using green materials for their home due to its ability to maintain better sustainability of resources.

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Tips and tricks for spring cleaning

Experts say that the best cure for stress and melancholia is spring home cleaning. It is more than a good reason to get down to sweeping of the dust that massed up in winter time, and to clear away the stuff that accumulated all around in a messy chaos. In this article you can find some practical advice which could be useful in your cleaning action.

Natural cleanserhouse-cleaning

You can clean your house, save some money and be environmentally protective. The point is in resourcefulness and good will. Very good cleanser for fat stained surfaces, shower cabin glass, florr etc. you can make by yourself, just take one empty botle with pump, and fill it with four glasses of water, quarter of a glass of vinegar and a few drops of your favourite essencial oil. Done.

Cleaning between tiles

Clean up all those unpleasant stains in tile joints using only old brush dipped in mixture of water and vinegar. It might take some more time than using the chemical treatment, but it brings the same shine, without any toxic substance used.hero4_XtremeCarpetandTileCleaning_02122013

Cleaning the corners

There are always some corners and inaccessible spots that makes cleaning much harder to do, such as window edges, blinds etc. To clean up those areas just use old sock, put it on your hand and you will be able to clean the dust from every small surface.

Sinkhole cleaning

Sinkholes are the spoth where often very large amount of dirt is accumulated. To clean up this dirty spot, firstly clean the sink, cross over it with tissues soaked in vinegar, and after that clean the hole with old brush using soda bicarbonate. Clean all with fresh water, put some lemon slices in the hole and fill with water.

Blender cleaning

Everyone like to use it, but no one likes to clean it, because there is so many particles. For successfull cleaning of a blender just pour some drops of dishwasher fluid, close it and start the rotor for few seconds. After that just rinse well with fresh water.Cleaning-Cast-Iron-0980

Cleaning the iron

Cleaning the metal part of an iron is easier than you can imagine. First step to do is cleaning the flat metal surface
with rag soaked in vinegar. Next step is to make the mixture of salt and wine vinegar, and clean the surface again with soft sponge. Clean all with dry rag. At last, use some tissue to smear toothpaste on the metal surface, and than clean it with wet rag, and finish with dry rag for shinig effect.

Natural abrasive

You can make perfect natural abrasive for house cleaning by yourself, too. Just follow the next recipe –plane some domestic soap and add water, melt it on light fire to get more thickly mixture, add volatile oil and soda bicarbonum. The main advice for keeping the house clean is that every object inside the house needs to have its own place, and that every thing in use is taken on the place where it shoul be. Utilize this on every member of a family – there you have the perfect shiny environment in your house.

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Roof windows

Many people preffer living in loft. There is something attractive about a fact that there is no one above, who could „ jump on your head“. There is also that sight, which is in most cases best from all around neighbourghood. Altough living in loft offers a lot of fun and benefits, there are some disadvantages you should consider and pay attention when you make decision to move in such living space. First of all is temperature difference, in summer time and winter. Many lofts are nothing but upgraded attics, so the insulation is not very well, if the FPP_preSelect_roof_windowpre owner did not rebuild it to make living space conditions. But, lets say that all the building part is done fine and according to standards. So, the insulation issue is determined. There we come to second most present problem in every loft: sunlight ( lightning, illumination). Many lofts, again, are just upgraded attics, which never had need for windows or daylight, so if you are planing to live inside the space without much light you will probably get dark just as the living space around you. Well, there we came to roof window instalation, and bringing the daylight in your life. In the following text you can find some useful info about roof windows.
There are a lot of different types of roof windows, but we strongly recommend that you consider only ones that are branded and that came from well known producer. Yes, you might pay some more cash for it, but remmember that evrything nice that comes with starry sky above your head, can be ruined because of minor savings in the process of getting roof window.

There are two basic types of roof windows, upper opened and lower opened. This is important because the rest of furniture inside your loft should follow the some type of your own feng shui, you would not like to hit the window case with your head when trying to sit on your sofa, don’t you?

Roof windows with lower opening are suggested for high positioning, and it is not recommended to put any furniture below it. These windows are usually in use for hallways, or such transit rooms in your house, and you will open them just for aerating reasons or cleaning.fakro-centre-pivot-roof-window-3
Roof windows with upper opening system are more likely to fit inside rooms where you spend most of your time, such as in livingroom, bedroom, bathroom, workroom etc. When you pull the handle the window is opening that wayCABRIO-balcony-exterior-2 that does not affect using the furniture below it. Those windows are slightly opened for most of the day, providing fresh air all over the day in summer time, and air exchange for condensation prevention in winter time.

If you live in area that is near the river, lake or marsh, you should also consider the need for anti mosquito nets, if there are any producer provided or whether you need to find your own way to install some universal net bought in garden center. Pay attention on the fact that mosquito prevention nets makes your roof windows less moveable, so you should probably get non fixed net, which can be removed during daytime, when mosquitos don’t appear. In case of getting fixed nets, you will always have to make the decision between good aeration with fresh air and boring bugs that buzz around you.

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